Waterpark Wars: Where Should Your Kiddos Splash in the Algarve?

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Joyful young girl laughing and sliding down a bright yellow water slide on a sunny day at a waterpark.

Waterpark Wars: Where Should Your Kiddos Splash in the Algarve?

Visiting the sunny Algarve and trying to pick the perfect waterpark for your little ones? It’s a bit like trying to decide between chocolate and more chocolate, isn’t it? Lucky for you, I’ve braved the waves and slides to help you figure out where your 8-year-old (1.20m) and 6-year-old (1.10m) can have the most fun. So grab your sunscreen, strap on those water wings, and let’s dive in!

Aquashow: The Local Hero

First up, let’s talk about Aquashow. This park is practically your neighbor, just a quick 10-minute drive from Quarteria. It’s like living next door to Willy Wonka’s factory if Willy Wonka traded chocolate for water slides.


  • Proximity: You can almost hear the splashes from your bedroom window. Less travel time means more fun time.
  • Variety: From wave pools to lazy rivers, there’s something for everyone.


  • Height Restrictions: Here’s the kicker. Your little 6-year-old (1.10m) might find themselves in the dreaded “you must be this tall to ride” scenario more often than not.

The Lowdown: Aquashow is convenient and packed with fun, but your youngest might end up feeling like a penguin in the desert—plenty of water but not a lot to do. If you’re okay with a few pouty faces, this could still be your spot.

Zoomarine: The Return of the Champs

Ah, Zoomarine, the place of last year’s epic family fun. It’s a bit more than a waterpark, offering animal shows and a mini zoo experience. Think of it as the Disneyland of the Algarve, minus the Mickey ears.


  • Animal Attractions: If your kids are into dolphins, seals, and feathered friends, Zoomarine is a paradise.
  • Variety of Rides: Plenty of rides that accommodate different heights and ages.


  • Been There, Done That: You went last year, and while it was a blast, do you want to repeat the experience?

The Lowdown: Zoomarine offers a great mix of waterpark fun and animal attractions. If the idea of seeing the same dolphin do the same flip doesn’t bother you, it’s a solid choice. Plus, the variety of rides means both kids should have plenty to do.

Slide and Splash: The Wild Card

Finally, we have Slide and Splash. It’s a bit of a trek (about a 40-minute drive), but sometimes the best treasures require a bit of a journey. Like that time you drove across town for that perfect taco. Yeah, it’s like that.


  • Rides Galore: This park is a behemoth, boasting a plethora of slides and attractions. There’s something for every height and thrill level.
  • Worth the Trip: Often hailed as one of the best waterparks in Europe, it’s like the Beyoncé of waterparks. You go for the experience.


  • Distance: 40 minutes might not seem like much, but with two kids in tow, it can feel like 40 hours. Brace yourself for “are we there yet?” on repeat.

The Lowdown: If you can survive the drive, Slide and Splash promises a bounty of rides and attractions. Your 8-year-old and 6-year-old will have plenty to do, and you might even get a chance to relax for a minute (emphasis on might).

The Verdict: Drumroll, Please!

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Which park gets the golden ticket? Here’s the deal:

  • Aquashow is great for convenience but might leave your youngest feeling left out.
  • Zoomarine offers a repeat of last year’s fun with the added bonus of animal shows.
  • Slide and Splash is the ultimate ride fest, worth the extra journey if you’re up for the adventure.

Winner: Slide and Splash

Despite the longer drive, Slide and Splash offers the most variety of rides suitable for both your kids. With a multitude of slides catering to different heights and thrill levels, it ensures that neither the 8-year-old nor the 6-year-old will be left out. Plus, the sheer volume of attractions means you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Pro Tips for Maximum Fun

  • Snacks and Sunscreen: Pack plenty of both. Waterparks are notorious for pricey snacks and relentless sun.
  • Plan for Breaks: Kids tire out faster than you think. Schedule in some downtime between rides.
  • Photo Ops: Don’t forget to capture the memories. There’s nothing like a mid-splash photo to laugh at later.

So, there you have it! The ultimate guide to navigating the waterpark wars of the Algarve. Whether you choose the convenience of Aquashow, the familiarity of Zoomarine, or the adventure of Slide and Splash, one thing’s for sure—your kids are in for a splashing good time!

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